My dear, please read this letter to the end and I hope you will understand everything and much will change in your life.
Many times I have distorted the opportunity to admit this to you, but I decided to do it just now. I love you
and I want to connect my life with you forever. It seems ridiculous for you to receive such a letter from a stranger,
but it is not, I have known about you for a long time and I always liked you like a real man.
There are very few real men like you and so I don’t want to miss the chance, I want you to be happy with me.
I want to spend days and nights around, hug and kiss you gently. Please do not refuse me.
I have registered on the site so you can contact me.
„Here“ you can find a page with my video and photo. This is where I found your email.
My phone number is listed there, I’ll be waiting for your call.
Really looking forward to our meeting. Laura

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